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Marionette Lines Fillers

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Marionette lines are long vertical lines found at the corners of the lips and stretching down to your chin. Why the name you may wonder? It came from the Marionette puppets as the lines reassemble the mouth of a puppet. Marionette Lines occur naturally with aging and their appearance is accelerated by smoking. But don’t worry at DermaWealth we are applying Marionette Lines Fillers to add volume to already formed lines and to prevent the formation of new ones.

DermaWealth is also treating the Nasolabial Folds, the lines running from both sides of the nose towards the corners of your lips. This way you can get rid of both of them in one treatment session.

Hyaluronic Acid Marionette Lines Fillers

Like for all of our Dermal Fillers, DermaWealth is using Hyaluronic Acid for our Marionette Lines Fillers. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in you body and has been proven as safe, long lasting and effective.

We always try to find the best solutions for you. This is why we work only with the best products, such as Juvederm. Their products have been proven as safe, effective and long lasting. You are our top priority so it is only reasonable to treat you with the best of the best products.

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How long do Marionette Lines Fillers last?

The Marionette Lines Fillers typically last between 8 to 12 months. This largely depends on the structure of your skin, lifestyle, age and product used. With every re-treatment the effects will be prolonged and additional touch-ups can be performed anytime. We already use the best products, so that part has been taken care of for you.

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Why do you need a medical professional for your Marionette Lines Fillers?

At DermaWealth you are the number one priority and as such we strongly feel that in order to provide you with the treatment, service and results you expect, we need to work with medical professionals.

Your Marionette Lines Fillers will be administered by a fully qualified General Nurse with advanced training in aesthetics.

When working with injectables the risk is never zero, but that risk is greatly reduced when an experienced medical professional is injecting.

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Naturally Looking Marionette Lines Fillers

Our clients are usually after the natural, unnoticeable, smooth skin look when treating Marionette Lines. The only factor noticed is the smoothness of the skin. At DermaWealth you will be thoroughly examined by our medical professional. This way we can ensure your satisfaction and natural appearance. Like you, we want the Marionette Lines Fillers to be unnoticeable, natural and blended with the skin. The only noticeable factor should be the lack of wrinkles!

You are different from any of our previous clients and we will treat you as such with a ground up approach. We are against the one fits all approach and believe that for best results DermaWealth has to make a unique plan suited for your unique facial features.

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Painless Marionette Lines Fillers

The best Marionette Lines Fillers products coupled with our light-handed technique make this treatment fast and painless. For an even more comfortable experience we can apply a numbing cream. This approach ensures a virtually painless experience with your Marionette Lines Fillers.

Easy Booking and Free Consultation

The booking experience with DermaWealth is easy and effortless. It is as simple as sending us an email or giving us a call.

Even if you still haven’t made up your mind you are welcome to come for a Free Consultation and go home to think about the treatment. DermaWealth will never try to make a decision for you. Afterall, you are the number one priority and we want you to be confident, ready and excited about your treatment. We have a Free Consultation and a Free Cancelation policy to free you of any needless pressure.

We are looking forward to seeing you and starting the DermaWealth journey with you! Let’s get you the Marionette Lines you know you deserve!

Marionette Lines Fillers Pricing

Starting from €159

The amount of needed Marionette Lines Fillers will vary depending on your unique situation and desired results.

We will give you an accurate price quote on your Free Consultation.

Sometimes less is more!

DermaWealth will never try to offer you more Marionette Lines Filler than you need! Afterall, we are after the beautiful, natural Marionette lines look, like you are. It is always easy to add more but not as easy to have less.

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