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DermaWealth Signature


Microneedling / injecting

what is

DermaWealth Signature

100% Effective

100% Natural

100% you

DermaWealth Signature is a fully natural skin treatment, very effective in treating acne, dry skin, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, scars and many other skin conditions. 

You, or rather your blood is the reason DermaWealth Signature is so effective. The blood is rich in growth factors, proteins and other useful cells. The useful cells are extracted and made into a serum which can be used in many ways. Most commonly the serum is combined with microneedling for a full facial treatment, injected to add volume or treat deep wrinkles and scars.

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100% Natural

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"I've never had a aesthetic procedure done before so, I 'm glad that my first one is fully natural. I was really surprised how much volume my lips got from something fully natural and the changes in the texture and appearance of my face are just amazing.

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