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DermaWealth Signature is a fully natural treatment that rejuvenates your skin and brings back radiance. It is one of the safest and most effective treatments available on the Irish market, and jet it is completely natural. 

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It's all thanks to you!

The secret behind DermaWealth Signature is you or precisely, your blood. Your blood is rich in useful cells, proteins, growth factors and much more. Using specialized techniques our aesthetic practitioner extracts cells, proteins and growth factors most capable of rejuvenating your skin.

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Because of you DermaWealth Signature is safer!

Your own blood, combined with a sterile environment provided by DermaWealth, significantly lowers the likelihood of allergic reactions or infections. This makes DermaWealth Signature suitable for all skin types and capable of treating a magnitude of skin concerns.

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Take matters into your own hands! 

Why not use the already amazing capabilities of your own blood to reach the areas where it can’t quite reach? DermaWealth Signature is capable of treating fine lines and wrinkles, skin dryness, hyperpigmentation and more. It is also great for the so called “always tired look”.

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Know what to expect! 

Multiple Treatments 

Single Treatment 

DermaWealth Signature is developed as a serum that is usually combined with other treatments. Most commonly it is used in combination with microneedling. The micro injuries caused by microneedlign allow for DermaWealth Signature to rejuvenate the deepest cells in the skin. Also, commonly it is used as a compliment or substitute for dermal fillers. It can be injected together with the dermal filler to enhance its effectiveness or act as a fully natural alternative. In case of scars, DermaWealth Signature is injected in the tissue under and around the scar triggering surrounding cells to proliferate and rejuvenate the skin. 


The effects of DermaWealth Signature are visible immediately after the treatment and become obvious in the weeks following it. Depending on the combination of procedures our clients most commonly experience an increase of volume in injected areas, smoother and tighter skin, soft skin to the touch, overall clear skin. The stem cells and other cells in DermaWealth Signature stay active for up to 3 months continuously improving your appearance.

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Will it hurt?

We try to make the whole experience virtually painless for our clients. DermaWealth uses a combination of light handed technique and numbing cream to lessen the effects of pain. At DermaWealth we understand that we all have different pain tolerances and will offer you more or less anesthetic according to your preference and past experiences, if any.

Easy Booking and Free Consultation

We try to make the booking experience as easy and effortless as possible. You can simply email us or call us to book your Free Consultation. Even if you still haven’t made up your mind you are welcome to come for a Free Consultation and go home to think about the treatment.


DermaWealth will never try to make a decision for you!


After all, you are the number one priority, and we want you to be confident, ready and excited about your treatment. We have a Free Consultation and a Free Cancellation policy to relieve you of any unnecessary pressure.

DermaWealth Signature Pricing

Single area treated with DermaWealth Signature €199.

The Full Facial DermaWealth Signature treatment combined with microneedling or injecting is €349. 

3 sessions of full Facial DermaWealth Signature treatments combined with microneedling or injecting €699

Home care products are included in the price!

We will give you an accurate price quote during your Free Consultation.

Click the contact us button to book your Free Consultation!

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