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18 Fitzwilliam Square S, Saint Peter's, Dublin, D02 CY65

01 564 5280

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Why Book with DermaWealth? 

Your Trusted Medical Professional

DermaWealth proudly puts you, the client at the first place. This doesn't mean that we are just having a lot of promotional material that claims that the customers is on the first place. We really mean it! 

We have a free cancellation and a free consultation policy. This allows each one of our clients to experience DermaWealth. We encourage you to think about your treatment and suggest taking some time to think about it. We never did and will never try to push you into a treatment. You don't need to worry about the price either. The price given to you at your free consultation will be the final price. 

Many of our first time clients were rightly concerned about being sold more of a product than they need. Although, this is unfortunately often the case in our industry we did never and will never try to administer more than you need of any product. We want you to look natural and refreshing and we strongly believe that the only way this is accomplished is by giving you just the right amount of the product. 

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