Cheek Fillers

Entering this Cheek Fillers page tells us that you are self-conscious about the look and visibility of your cheekbones. DermaWealth is the ideal place find out whether Cheek Fillers are a fit for you.

The intent of this procedure is to lift your cheek bones, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles as well as add more volume to your face. Cheek Fillers are effective in treating hollow cheeks, barely visible cheek bones, smoker lines and smooth out lines around the nose and mouth.


Hyaluronic Acid Cheek Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring element in your body, and it is very often used in Dermal Fillers. At DermaWealth we use fillers with Hyaluronic Acid. They are giving the most aesthetically pleasing results for our clients. We are using only Juvederm Dermal Fillers. Juvederm Fillers are amongst the most effective, safest and longest lasting Cheek Fillers on the market.


How long do Cheek Fillers last?

Cheek Fillers typically last between 6 and 24 months depending on the product used and if it is your first or repeat treatment.


Why do you need a medical professional for your Cheek Fillers?

Your safety, aesthetic appearance and You are what motivates DermaWealth to move forward! Because of that only a fully registered General Nurse with advanced training in aesthetics will be injecting your Cheek Fillers.

When working with injectables the risks are never zero, but they are greatly reduced when a certified medical professional is administering them. You should always ask whether your Cheek Fillers are administered by a medical professional, and at DermaWealth they always will be.


Naturally Looking Cheek Fillers

Most clients are after a natural look. One that is not immediately noticed and perfectly blends with other facial features, enhancing the appearance as a whole. This is accomplished by carefully examining all facial features during your Free Consultation appointment, and finding the best treatment approach for your unique Cheek Fillers.

No two people are the same so why would we have the same Cheek Filler treatments?


Painless Cheek Fillers

At DermaWealth we use treatment methods that make your Cheek Fillers a comfortable and satisfying experience. Our medical professional uses a numbing cream that lessens the discomfort and makes the experience virtually painless. You are our number one priority and we will give our best to make your Cheek Filler treatment a pleasant experience.

Easy Booking and Free Consultation

At DermaWealth booking an appointment is as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. DermaWealth has a free cancelation policy which allows you to always change your mind.

We understand that for many this is not an easy decision to make. This is why we offer a Free Consultation. You can find out whether Cheek Fillers would work for you. We will never try to make the decision for you!

When you are excited and ready, head over to the Contact Us page via the main menu or at the bottom of this page and book your consultation, treatment or both. We are looking forward to seeing you and giving you the bespoke look you know you deserve!

Cheek Fillers Pricing

Starting from €249

Sometimes less is more!

DermaWealth will never try to sell you more Cheek Filler than you need! After-all, we are after the beautiful, natural Cheek look, like you are. It is always easy to add more but not as easy to have less.

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